New Functionality for Quest Atlantis!

C0D3 Marooned on Mars

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Where the virtual world extends into the real world


Interface with Hardware: Program motors, LEDs, speakers and more.

We are currently integrating a creative exciting set of technology into the Quest Atlantis development framework. This functionality will enable the integration of external devices via USB and BlueTooth. Students will be able to design, tests, and refine instruction sets with missions and units. Those instruction sets can then be "downloaded" to external devices for external execution.


For instance, Students engaged in our "Marooned" unit will be able to export their coding from within the virtual space, download via the Internet and upload using USB or Bluetooth to an external Marian Rover. Their code would be able to move the vehicle, take sensor readings, be externally manipulated via a BlueTooth device Android or iPhone / iPad. The external device's data can then be "uploaded" to QA for in game usage, analysis, refinement, and redeployment!

We have beta tested this functionality using an external device, created and programmed by the student in under 30 minutes. This test allows the device to simulate the students shardflower using LEDs via BlueTooth!


Another example we've created is a realtime BlueTooth enabled Shardflower. Students connect their Shardflower device to their smart phone, using our new QA app. This app tracks the student's progression and displays the student's actual Shardflower on their external device. It also has a notification system for QA based alerts too!

Limitless Possibilites!

We are currently evaluating external technology providers: Arduino, AdaFruit, Rasberry Pi, Sparkfun, littleBits and many more. Our goal is to produce an experience that can be integrated into QA, and also stand on it's own, contantly provide endless reusable objectives.


We are also working to develop tools that allow 3D Printing of QA created models, both over the Internet for a shared printer and locally for a printer installed at your site.

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