Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is responsible for my children when they are using QA?
A: We believe in empowering teachers with the resources and information necessary to create meaningful learning experiences in a safe, playful environment. While participation in Quest Atlantis means that children have the opportunity to meet Questers and teachers from other schools, states, and nations, we also view QA as an extension of a school or classroom. While QA staff members monitor a child’s communication for problems or inappropriate behavior, we always report these instances directly to teachers.

Q: Quest Atlantis seems fun, but does it provide for serious learning?
A: The curriculum of Quest Atlantis has been designed with exactly this question in mind. We believe that engaging, fun experiences are some of the most likely to produce meaningful learning. Funded by the National Science Foundation, all of our main curricular units, called “Quests,” are designed to address specific academic standards, as well as engage students in exciting inquiry-based learning tasks. We’ve carried out numerous studies demonstrating significant learning gains in science, social studies, and language arts, even when using standardized test items. For more information, please see the academic articles available on our Publications page.

Q: Does Quest Atlantis incorporate educational standards used in my state?
A: All Quests are associated with academic standards. Because we serve QA centers located in many different states and nations, our Quests are associated with the McREL Content Knowledge standards. In some cases, we have also associated content with specific state standards in New Jersey and North Carolina, based on contractual agreements.

Q: Is Quest Atlantis only available through schools?
A: No. Quest Atlantis has been successfully implemented in other settings. In particular, we have supported a relationship with after-school centers such as the Boys & Girls Club. If you are involved in an organized after-school center or similar program or even facilitate a home-school network, you are welcome to apply.

Q: Can individual children or families apply to be part of Quest Atlantis?
A: Yes! though Quest Atlantis is designed to be used as fun educational experience in schools and after-school programs, parents can also access the system from home and register their child. We are also configured for home schooling as well.

Q: Is Quest Atlantis available to home-school families?
A: Yes! and we are also looking for home-school coordinators, if you are interested in signing up as a home-school coordinator and are connected to a home-school community please contact us to discuss possibilities.

Q: What costs are associated with QA?
A: All research and development over the past 15 years has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, NASA, and Food Lion. As such, teachers supported through these grants are helping to collect research data and therefore have access at a highly subsidized rate. The base kickstarter funding amount is to be used to support servers, licensing and maintenance, we are pursing this Kickstarter campaign to retain additional funding for feature development, additional educational staff, and new learning units.

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