Karibuni: Saving the Black Rhino

A search for a missing rhino becomes a plan to save all of the black rhinos in Karibuni. As students follow clues, collect evidence, and defend their reasoning, they will trace connections between science, society, and the environment. Can they find a way to protect the black rhino?

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Teacher Materials:

Student Notebook

Teacher Guide

Parkulator Mission

Unit Missions Walkthough:

Rhino: Mission 1 "Tutorial: Navigation/Inventory"
Find the baby rhino! [<1 class period]

This mission introduces players to the people and the parkland of Karibuni, a fictional village facing real environmental choices in Tanzania. They explore various habitats in the local ecosystem and learn what rhinos need to thrive.

Rhino: Mission 2 "Simulate Resources"
Karibuni: Animalator [1 class period]

Players will work with the wildlife habitats in Karibuni Nature Reserve in more detail as they decide how many of several types of animals each area of the park can support based on resources different types of animals need.

Rhino: Mission 3 "Meet the Villagers"
Karibuni: Meet the village [1/2 - 1 class period]

Players talk to members of farming and cattle-herding communities around the Karibuni Nature Reserve to learn how the reserve affects them.

Rhino: Mission 4 "Meet the Officials"
Karibuni: Interview officials [1/2 - 1 class period]

Players interview park and government officials to learn the importance of the reserve in the region.

Rhino: Mission 5 "Poachers"
Karibuni: Poachers! [1/2 class period]

A close encounter with would-be poachers spurs players to discover some of the factors that drive poaching and measures that park officials take to try to prevent it.

Rhino: Mission 6 "Who Gets Funding"
Karibuni: Funding for the future [1-2 class periods]

New funds are available to improve Karibuni village, and the government is discussing two choices: invest in local farmers who wish to expand their crop yield, or invest in ecotourism, which could provide revenue and employment. Players use evidence from their habitat planning and their talks with stakeholders to make a recommendation to the government.

Rhino: Mission 7 "Farming, Tourism, and Balanced Funding"
Karibuni: Test the plan [1-2 class periods]

Players use a mysterious device to explore what the village and the park would be like in the future if the government followed their recommendation. They then may revise their plan to make any recommendation they think would be more effective. They are encouraged to reflect on their role as an outsider in the game scenario itself and link it to situations in the real world. Finally, they are asked to look at an endangered species in their own region and briefly research local efforts to manage that species.

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