Quest Atlantis Teacher Support

On this page we have varying types of supports for teachers, including lessons, unit plans, teacher manuals, student handouts, technical documents, and the Quest Information Sheet. You may download Unit Plans as as Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) documents or as MS Word Documents (.doc). All other documents are only available in Acrobat format. Please note, a more complete set of resources and materials is available to registered teachers through the Teacher Toolkit.

Download QA Legend Video

Quest Atlantis Unit Plans are integrated collections of Quests and other activities that are grounded in the social commitments of Quest Atlantis and are connected to educational standards. Below you can download Adobe PDF or MS word versions of the entire unit plans. Additionally, registered teachers can access pre- and post-tests for these through the Teacher Toolkit.

Water Quality Unit
(simulation Taiga)
Taiga: The Problem,
Student NoteBook
Worked Example
Cinder: The Problem, Student NoteBook
Saving Rhino Unit
Agents of Change Unit
Global Awareness Unit
Sharing Stories Unit
Cool Inventions Unit
Deep Sea Adventure Unit
Healthy Lifestyle Unit
Rights and Responsibilities Unit
Safe Spaces Unit
Pop Culture Unit
Two Cells One World Unit
Water Quality Unit
Rights & Responsibilities Unit
Diversity Affirmation Unit
An Overview of the Ocean Unit
Understanding the Environment
Understanding Energy
Healthy Teens (Bullying)
Mesa Verde Unit
Hawaii Volcanoes  
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