New Functionality for Quest Atlantis!

Student Building Functionality: Part One

In addition to the original Q-ville building capabilities of the Quest Atlantis platform, we are currently beta testing a new set of tools which allow students to create their own unique solutions to complex problems as part of gameplay. The new Wind unit, below, is the first to include this functionality within a game.

Wind: The Boy Who Dreamed a Windmill

Click here if you can't see our video (Windows 10)

Student will be able to assemble "pieces" that they acquire during different missions within the unit, where they learn the function and capabilities of these "pieces".

Students can choose to build one of three different styles of energy producing devices out of the available materials - windmill, hand crank, bicycle. They are also capable of constructing a number of different device styles from each of the different types, battery charger, light power, water pump, radio power, etc. Each type and style produces different results, in this particular example, voltage. Each of different finished devices translate in to a specific efficiency, thereby showing the student that there are many ways to solve the initial problem given to them, and possibly solving others not listed.

* Student's finished models are also individually placed in the student's own area within the virtual world so that other students can view and comment on each others' work.

Student Building Functionality: Part Two

A lot of teachers and students have asked us whether they could make their own games and stories in Quest Atlantis. We say yes! The game authoring tools we use to do this have been re-created to be easier for teachers and students to use. However, the necessary support for making these tools available to all in the Kickstarter release will depend on whether we reach the necessary stretch goal. If not, a limited alpha program will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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